Webinar series by Dr Brian Hemmings – Developing Consulting Skills 2: Impactful initial/intake interviews with athletes

Developing consultancy skills is a key aspect of the BASES SEPAR. This webinar is aimed at prospective/current supervisees and supervisors and covers the complex nature of initial/intake interviews with athletes. Target and evidence the SEPAR consultancy competencies (3.3.4)Describe various ways of approaching initial/intake interviews with athletesEvaluate the range of information that may be gathered prior […]

BASES Webinar – Sports Injury Narratives: From Theory to Practice

The purpose of this webinar will be to share and discuss six sports injury narratives that have been identified from a longitudinal research study within elite sport (Everard et al., 2021, 2023). These six narratives have been converted into a video format so that they are accessible and transferable to multiple stakeholders. By discussing these […]

Mental Health First Aid Blended Face-to-Face Course

ESSA are proudly presenting a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course for ESSA NSW Exercise & Sports Science Professionals.  The Standard Mental Health First Aid course teaches participants how to provide initial support to another adult who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis, until professional help is received, or the […]

Beyond the Scale: Evaluating Body Metrics in Health and Sport

Body measures underpin life as we know it; from the trivial: the shape of the chair you’re sat on, the clothes you are wearing and the dimension of your devices, to the critical: the design of your seat belt, your qualification for medical treatments and the dosages of those treatment. In sport we typically place […]

The burden of load carriage in occupational performance: translating science into practice

The BASES Occupational Performance Special Interest Group (OPSIG) aims to promote evidence-based practise amongst those undertaking research and/or scientific support with occupational groups in physically demanding job-roles. This includes but is not limited to military, security, fire, rescue and first responders. It draws on a number of specialist areas including: physiology, strength and conditioning, physical […]

Sleeping your way to victory: sleep behaviour impacts elite performance

With the Olympic Games just round the corner, elite athletes are looking at all possible ways to gain an advantage when it comes to performance. Exercise, nutrition and sleep are widely recognised as the three pillars of health, and this is no different for elite athletes. Several factors contribute to success in sport, and both […]

Spinal Cord Injuries Webinar

This webinar is a guide for clinicians to enhance their skills and knowledge surrounding Spinal Cord Injuries. We aim to develop clinical reasoning when prescribing exercise for this population as well as a greater capacity to educate their clients. SCI’s can have complex presentations and secondary complications requiring treating clinicians to have an indepth understanding […]

Exercise to Promote Neuroplasticity Workshop

Neuroplasticity is the basis of neurological rehab. This workshop does a deep dive on neuroplasticity, applying it to work Exercise Physiologists do in a neurological population. You will get the opportunity to apply these principles to neuro case studies and explore how these principles support exercise modalities such as e-stims, blood flow restriction, volume training, […]

A Future in Exercise

Join the ESSA QLD State Chapter for an insightful event featuring industry professionals who have pursued diverse career paths within the exercise field. These paths include research, clinical exercise, high-performance training, exercise science, and alternative careers such as medical care. Following the presentations, enjoy an hour of catering and networking with these experts to discuss […]