ICSESP Partners with University of Fiji to present the 2024 Fiji Physical Activity Promotion Symposium 10 August

The 2024 Fiji Physical Activity Promotion Symposium (FPAPS) is dedicated to sharing expertise and generating new knowledge in exercise and sports science across Pacific Island Nations and those around the world. The 2024 FPAPS will provide an opportunity for current students studying health promotion, medicine, public health or a related discipline, living in a Pacific Island Nation, to present in front of their peers and be recognised with the 2024 FPAPS Best Presenter Award. The objectives of this symposium include promoting knowledge exchange, fostering professional development, and addressing health outcomes, particularly in non-communicable diseases prevalent in the region.


The 2024 FPAPS aims to leave a lasting impact on the healthcare and wellness landscape of Pacific Island Nations. By supporting scholars and facilitating knowledge exchange, and collaborative opportunities, we aim to contribute to the advancement of exercise and sports science in the region, ultimately promoting improved health outcomes.

Presenter Applications close Friday 26 July