Advocating for sport and exercise science organisations & professionals

Bringing brilliance together for better

We use our united voice and common platform to advocate for Bachelor’s degree qualified sports and exercise science practitioners globally.

Sports and exercise science professionals have an important role in supporting healthy, inclusive and productive societies.

However, only a relatively small number of countries worldwide have established professional recognition of the role of SES practitioners.

Of those that do have some level of recognition, it is often limited to one speciality such as sports science, sports psychology or clinical exercise physiology.

Support national organisations

Promote their successes globally

Raise awareness of our profession

Advocating for broader recognition of sports and exercise science professionals

We believe that broader international recognition is important to support lobbying at local and national levels.

With consistent representation and recognition of our practitioners globally, we create a stronger platform for lobbying for individual countries.

Advocacy gives us the opportunity to build relationships with other professions and organisations at a global level to create shared understandings that can filter down to enrich the opportunities of SES practitioners at a national and local community level.

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