Exercise Prescription for Older Persons Webinar

Guidelines and recommendations for appropriate exercise prescription for varying demographics of the ‘senior population’ are extremely non specific and basic in nature. Over the course of 10+ years in private practice working with the older population we have developed specific goals, focus points and prescription for our populations. This webinar will discuss these interventions and […]

Strength & Conditioning for Taekwondo Webinar

Contemporary approaches to strength and conditioning are starting to take root in Taekwondo specifically as it is an Olympic Sport. This presentation looks at current practices at the elite level, the current research on training, testing and injury prevention and how this can be modified for club coaches to use at the grass roots level […]

Exercise for People with Hip/Knee Osteoarthritis Webinar

Exercise and Physical Activity for People with Hip/Knee Osteoarthritis This webinar will provide an overview of the updated ESSA Position Statement on exercise and physical activity for people with hip/knee osteoarthritis. It will overview the current evidence for exercise in people with hip/knee osteoarthritis and give guidance to practitioners about how best to implement exercise […]

Biopsychosocial Ex Interventions for Low Back Pain Webinar

How do we design biopsychosocial exercise interventions for people with chronic low back pain? Webinar Current best practice approaches for exercise interventions for chronic low back pain (CLBP) involve the addition of pain education under a biopsychosocial framework. However, in research and practice, the biopsychosocial element of the intervention is often derived from the education/adjunct […]

Exercise & Prostate Cancer Webinar

This webinar is for those who have not previously worked with men with a prostate cancer diagnosis, who would like to learn about the various treatment possibilities for prostate cancer, the side effects of these treatments, with a focus on Androgen Deprivation Therapy, and how exercise can help counteract these side effects. You will also […]