BASES Workshop – Motivational Interviewing (MI) Basics

Motivational Interviewing is a counselling method used by a broad range of helping professionals to support client change and growth. MI has a rich and growing evidence base in sport and exercise/clinical exercise and physical activity.   Helping us learn to let go of the exhausting process of trying to fix our clients’ problems, MI instead […]

Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change

Strong emotions focus and lock attention – keeping people trapped in problem behaviours. Therapeutic change cannot happen until the emotional arousal is reduced. This is why all health and welfare professionals need to know how to induce the relaxation response in their clients. Guided imagery and visualisation not only reduce emotional arousal quickly but can […]

BASES Webinar – BASES Accreditation: Pedagogy

This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the accreditation process for those wishing to apply in the pedagogy category. It will also be useful for those wishing to convert from a different category through the reaccreditation process. Examples of activities and evidence that can be used to meet the competencies for the pedagogy […]