Exercise Guidelines | Parkinson’s Disease

This course provides an overview of the known etiologies of Parkinson’s disease as well as its symptoms and treatment. The course also covers the impact of exercise and reviews the most up-to-date guidelines and special considerations for exercise in Parkinson’s disease. This course includes an online published presentation and a course evaluation. All course content […]

Exercising Success | Expert Perspectives

This series of courses introduces you to successful professionals from a variety of exercise professions. Hear them describe how they’ve contributed to the exercise community, why they are considered successful, what actions they took to achieve success, and the advice they have for anyone interested in pursuing a similar career. In this episode, you will […]

Rethinking your 30 Minutes, is it really enough?

1 CEC Presented by Benjamin D. Boudreaux, PhD The aim of this course is to introduce the concept of the 24-hour movement paradigm, consider the impact of sedentary time on health, and take away key factors of the movement prescription to reduce sedentary behavior.  Moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity has an established preventive role in cardiovascular […]

Guidelines to Exercise | An Introduction

1 CEC The aim of this course is to give the foundation of general exercise guidelines, define key terminology, review current general guidelines, and give recommendations for reducing the incidence and severity of exercise-related complications for primary and secondary prevention programs.  This course outlines the basics of exercise guidelines, which provide evidence-based recommendations for the […]

The 24-Hour Movement Paradigm and Sleep

1 CEC Presented by Benjamin D. Boudreaux, PhD The aim of this course is to introduce sleep into the concept of the 24-hour movement paradigm, consider the impact of sleep on health, and take away key factors of the movement prescription to improve health.  In the first course in this series, we considered the impact of sedentary […]

Industry Presented Webinar | Follow Your Gut

Addressing Factors that Hinder and Support Athlete Gut Health       1 CEC Sponsored by: Gatorade Sports Science Institute Course Description  The presentation is focused on how diet, exercise, and stress can impact the gut microbiota and gut health. We will also review some of the evidence regarding the gut microbiota of athletes and the effectiveness of probiotics in the prevention/treatment […]

Autism Exercise Specialist CEC Course

By David Geslak, ACSM EP-C An ACSM/Exercise Connection Autism Exercise Specialist certificate holder is an exercise professional, physical or adapted physical education teacher, physical therapist, recreational therapist, or special education professional (see below) who understands the needs and strategies used with autism when implementing an individual or group exercise program in a gym, home, or […]

Bioenergetics, Nutrition, Exercise, Weight Management and Performance

8 CECs Bioenergetics is a branch of biochemistry that studies how our cells handle the energy we need to survive, perform and thrive. This first-of-its-kind course takes a look under the hood of our bodies’ metabolic functions, sharing the ways our food choices impact weight, performance, recovery and overall wellness, as well as how to […]

Anatomy of Movement

5 CECs Learning to evaluate movement is key for all exercise professionals and those involved in sports performance. This interactive course covers joint movement (or “kinesiology”) and breaks down various exercises into their component parts, providing participants with a well-founded introduction to the anatomy of movement.  The Anatomy of movement course is six modules and […]

2023 Summit – Workout Remixes Save YOU Planning Time

1 CEC Presented by Summer Sides Developing a good workout plan takes time, so why not make it one that you can use again and again with just a few simple tweaks? This course will provide you with a step-by-step approach to developing science-backed exercise routines that you can then remix with ease.  By the […]