PLD Opportunity

Menstrual Cycle Myths Webinar: Understanding the Influence of the Menstrual Cycle on Performance of Athletes



Tuesday, 21 May 2024 12:00pm – 1:30pm AEST

This webinar will delve into the impact of the menstrual cycle on female athletic performance, a topic that has gained increasing attention in the past decade among exercise professionals and in elite sporting settings. We will review existing research to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the menstrual cycle affects exercise performance and what we do and don’t know from current literature. The discussion will also focus on debunking common myths surrounding menstruation, providing exercise professionals with valuable insights to better support athletes and individuals in managing their training and performance throughout the menstrual cycle.  Lastly, we will consider potential flags to look out for when considering working with female athletes. 

Presented by Hannah Dower, AES