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Conducting Online Fitness Assessments in Exercise Oncology





Conducting Online Fitness Assessments in Exercise Oncology 

By Julia T. Daun, M.Sc., B.Kin., CSEP-CEP; Chad W. Wagoner, Ph.D., ACSM-CEP;  Julianna Dreger, M.Clin.Ex.Phys., CSEP-CEP; Tanya Williamson, B.Kin., CSEP-CEP;  Jessica Danyluk, M.Kin., CSEP-CEP; Lauren C. Capozzi, M.D., Ph.D., CSEP-CEP;  and S. Nicole Culos-Reed, Ph.D. 

This paper presents practical considerations for conducting online fitness assessments in exercise oncology research settings. Screening and assessing participants online are integral components of safe and effective exercise program delivery. Future research is needed to establish the validity and reliability of online assessments that have been adapted from the in-person setting.