PLD Opportunity

Webinar series by Dr Brian Hemmings – Gaining and Maintaining Clients in your Professional Training



Wednesday, 1 May 2024 12:00 – 13:30 BST

Meeting the challenges of the BASES SEPAR is not an easy task. This webinar is aimed at prospective/current supervisees and supervisors with an emphasis on the process of gaining and maintaining clients during the training pathway. 

This is the first webinar of four presented in this series, and as a result, there is a deal for those wishing to attend all four. Both BASES Members and Non-members can purchase and sign up, via the register button at the top right, to all four webinars for the price of three. For BASES Members, the price is £60 for all four, and for Non-members it is £75.

Identify active methods for gaining and maintaining new clients 

Discuss ways of generating opportunities that target the SEPAR consultancy competencies  

Utilise individual/peer supervision to maximum benefit 

Target CPD activity for the development of specific consultancy competencies 

Manage imposter syndrome/self-presentation concerns 

Demonstrate how transferable skills can be used for successful client interactions