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HFJ: March – April 2024 CEC Course #2: Back to the Basics



March – April 2024

By: David Zavala, B.S.; Kyle A. Kercher, Ph.D., ACSM-EP, CSCS, CHWC; and Vanessa M. (Martinez) Kercher, Ph.D., ACSM-EP, CHWC 

Children are enticed by sedentary behavior anywhere they go; thus, during these formative years, it is important to offer many active play opportunities. As children play, their motivation for physical activity sparks and they begin to create healthy habits that support their physical, social, and cognitive development. Active play is a great strategy to complement 24-hour movement guidelines for children as play is something that children connect with the most, making it easy to incorporate bouts of physical activity throughout the day. Another complementary tool is the emergence of nature-based play spaces that create environments that offer inclusive active play opportunities for children of all ages and development.