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2023 Summit – Exercise Prescription for Mental Health



On demand

Exercise Prescription for Mental Health and Well-being: Do we Really Know what we’re Doing?


Presented by Shawn Arent

Traditionally, exercise professionals recommend and oversee exercise programs designed to improve components of physical fitness. However, an assortment of psychological factors — including whether a client finds exercise pleasant, enjoyable, satisfying or valuable — will ultimately determine whether they remain motivated and stick to an exercise program. Moreover, many people may value what exercise can do for their levels of stress, anxiety or depression more than what it can do for their muscles, heart and lungs.

This podcast-style conversation will address several issues related to the psychology of exercise, including tips for promoting pleasure, enjoyment, well-being and positive mental health.

Course-takers will:

  • Understand how exercise can be promoted as a source of enjoyment and well-being and not solely as a source of long-term health benefits;
  • Learn about the relation between different exercise options (e.g., intensities, settings) and the pleasure and enjoyment people can experience; and
  • Receive up-to-date information on the benefits of exercise programs for important mental health outcomes, including depression and cognitive function.